Help out at a friendly hostel in Hualien, Taiwan 

 The Exchange 

We are looking for an independent backpacker with travel experience and a passion for hostels and the lifestyle that comes with it. It’s a lot of fun, but also much a hand on role involving cleaning and showing visitors what Hualien has to offer. You will be assisting and living with a small team. Individuals with passion and interest in outdoor activities like cycling and hiking will be given priority.

 What you offer 

5 hours of help per day

Cleaning: Help clean the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas.

Housekeeping: Help with changing the bed linens and general housekeeping.

Administration: Help with booking systems and payments.

Reception: Help with check-ins, check-outs and guest assistance.

 What you get 

1 day off per week

Shared Dorm: You will have a bed in a shared room, which means you will share the same room with other travelers.

Bikes at your disposal: You can use our bikes any time you want.

Yoga classes: Take free yoga classes at our place.

Language lessons: Take free language classes at our place.

Use our equipped kitchen: Feel free to use our kitchen and make your own delicious food.


Intermediate English or Intermediate Chinese

Between 18 and 60 years old

 What's not included 

Flights, Travel Insurance, Internal Transportation and Visa

 Program Details 

Our place is owned by the local Taiwanese, who are passionate about Hualien and will welcome you with an open heart, leaving you feeling right at home. We have traveled to several countries with many backpacking experiences and are committed to meet all your expectations, and even exceed the backpacker standard. 

With an open minded view and an eagerness to learn about different cultures, you will experience the beauty of this world! Hostels promote cultural exchanges. Travelers from different countries and regions of this world carry a vast variety of cultural experiences. These cultural exchanges among travelers help individuals gain a broader perspective and knowledge of the world which can be extremely important as well as enjoyable, in life.

 Activities & Shift 

The work in our hostel is mainly to help us clean (this is the most important part, please make sure you can clean before send confirmation), language exchange with our local staff, share the beauty of Hualien with guests and help them to make plans here. 

The working hours will be 5 hours a day (2 shifts – morning and afternoon shifts) and at least one day off each week so that you can explore the area. We don't provide meals, but you can cook in our kitchen if you want to save some budget. 

 How to apply? 

Write to us at info.comfyhostel@gmail now !!  




  • It has been the definite highlight of my time in Taiwan to get to know and work with JoJo at her gem of a hostel in Hualien. JoJo is extremely passionate about her work and has an incredible ability to create and maintain an environment that is welcoming and homely for both volunteers and the guests. She is genuinely interested about her guests and it shows in the meticulous attention she pays to their needs and inquiries. She is very knowledgeable about Hualien and the absolute go-to person when it comes to hiking and other outdoor activities in Hualien County! Overall, she is a generous and a truly beautiful soul who is selflessly interested in the wellbeing of others. I feel very lucky to have met her. During my two-week stay, I was mostly doing the morning cleaning duties. The work itself is not difficult but considering the minutely attention JoJo invests to cleanliness, the job would best suit a person who cares about the details. She explains the job very well and is always there to answer any questions that might arise along the way and lend a hand if you need help with anything. I feel eternally grateful for the time I got to spend at the hostel, meeting and chatting with all the lovely travellers who had found their way to the place. I will treasure this experience from here to the unforeseen future. Thank you for everything JoJo. I will keep in touch! 🙂
    Feedback left by Workawayer (Dana)
  • If you are planning to do a work away in Taiwan, I definitely recommend volunteering at the Hostel with Jojo! This is was my first time as a work-awayer and I can honestly say it was a very memorable experience. When I arrived to Hualien, the hostel was being renovated so there were no guest at that time but Jojo welcomed me in and I was treated to some Taiwanese hot pot with some of her friends! The work that I did was relatively easy even though I was mostly cleaning and was the only volunteer at that time, but I didn't mind it at all. Before I arrive, Jojo told me she was running the hostel by herself for 2 weeks so I tried to be as helpful as possible so I could lessen her work load. During my stay, I noticed how hardworking Jojo is and how much she really cared about Hualien and the hostel. Jojo created a really special place because like the hostel's name, it was really comfy and homely! Many guest come to Hualien to see Taroko National Park but they stay for the Hostel because it feels like home. Thank you so much Jojo for everything and making me feel at home for the time I was there! This is my home away from home in Taiwan and I'm happy I decided to stay here for my brief break from my travels. I will definitely come back again! Best wishes!
    Feedback left by Workawayer (Hunter)
  • This is definitely a great place for workaway with good people, good location, good food and good host!!!!! Jojo is such a great host that she really passes you every little details and informations for food and activities and places in hualien. All she wants for you is to enjoy your stay and have a great time with her and aili and otherworkawayers and guests. Our job is simple cleaning in the morning, receiving guests in the afternoon and you could have rest of your day to explore the area if not linger around the lobby, chit chat with Jojo, exchange some stories with other workawayers, have some fun together with some great food from the night Market!!! I will definitely recommend this workaway, the host for a great experience in hualien!!!!
    Feedback left by Workawayer (Ai Lin)
  • I first knew the hostel as a guest where I stayed for 4 days. Jojo and the volunteers welcomed me as almost part of their family and I felt so good there as a guest and was jealous of the volunteers that I asked if I could come help as a volunteer 2 weeks later. Hualien and especially the hostel is a great place to spend some weeks. Great atmosphere and great team. I don't go as much to hostels anymore, but there it was different and exactly the kind of laid back style with genuine people that I enjoy! I could have easily stayed there for months if I didn't have to move on :)I made lots of great memories with heartwarming people!See you soon I hope!! 🙂
    Feedback left by Workawayer (Vassili)
  • JoJo is such a sweet and genuine lady and really makes you feel at home and taken care of here. The hostel is small and cozy but truly feels like a space to call home. The work is easy and straight forward and never took more than 3 hours. JoJo is a knowledgeable local and has so much passion for Hualien, Taroko, traveling, and outdoor activities so she knows everything you want to ask her 🙂 have fun in the Philippines JoJo I hope to see you again someday! Xoxo
    Feedback left by Workawayer (Larrissa)
  • I had a wonderful time with JoJo! I stay for 18 days and enjoyed every minute! JoJo is really knowledgeable about Hualien and is always eager to share hiking trails, biking paths and things to do around the city. She is sure to make your stay comfortable and will answer any questions you have about anything (Taiwanese culture, food, language, etc)! I was in Hualien over Chinese New Year and she went out of her way to teach us about traditions and feed us amazing food! She made every guest staying with us feel like family and it was really nice being apart of that family!
    Feedback left by Workawayer (Caelan)
  • Jojo was an incredible host. She helped with everythig inclouding food, hiking trails and bikes.That was the first place where we knew exactly what we have to do.She was straight about the rules and also with our freetime. 🙂 We really liked that. We didn't have to worry what to do or what not to do. We really enjoyed the time that we spent in the lobby just talking with the guest and with her. She is easygoing , kind and openminded. She is always ready for help with anything. 🙂 Highly recommended host. 😀 Thank you for everything! 🙂 ( P.s.: Please contact us if you come to Hungary! 🙂 )
    Feedback left by Workawayer (Piroska & Zsófia)
  • We spent a wonderful time here! We stayed almost 2 weeks and that was our stop to rest because we've been traveling from 8 months. It wasnt so busy because is after season but still we had some guests who wanted to see Taroko National Park. Mostly we made a beds and did some cleaning. Every Saturday JoJo practices yoga on the rooftop so you can join! I still feel my muscles!!!😀Also you can eat very good food outside. JoJo created a map with Taiwanese food but not only. Truly recommend you nr 26!😀She is also amazing person and you can learn a lot from her about Taiwan.
    Feedback left by Workawayer (Marek & Joanna)
  • I stayed almost a month in the hostel, and guess what, it's really comfy and relaxing, indeed! I had so much fun, and also I know a lot of new friends there. It was an amazing experience, Jojo is such a kind and smart person, she trick me very well with the card magic. Also, I got inspired and motivated a lot when I was talking to her, she is hardworking and I really admire her works. The job is pretty easy and I'm sure most people can do it without a doubt, working hours is short so I got so much free time for myself. Anyways, the hostel, the art work, the good vibes, the people, the comfy bed, made me a better person alive and I really appreciated that. Love
    Feedback left by Workawayer (Gino & Sun)
  • As a first timer of Workaway, being a volunteer at the Hostel definitely leave a memorable mark in my life, JoJo welcomed me not as a volunteer but as part of the family and I am totally grateful for that. The hostel was super comfy (pun intended) and I had a great time with fellow Workawayer as well. Hualien is definitely a city for people who are seeking adventure yet a relaxing getaway from a busy city. The work was very easy and flexible and you have plenty of time to go (or bike) around the city with beautiful scenic spot. This was a great experience and I will definitely be back again, Thank you so much JoJo, wish you all the best! -Oscar Qu
    Feedback left by Workawayer (Pyae Phyo)
  • This is my first Workaway experience and first visit to Taiwan. I am so lucky to be able to volunteer alongside with other Workawayers at the Hostel in Hualien. Not only do I feel welcomed the second I stepped into the hostel, I truly appreciate the experience and enjoyed my stay, thanks to the hospitality of Jojo, Many, Yanni, Bear and others.Hualien is beautiful, and the kind souls I meet at the Hostel makes it special.I would definitely return, as visitor or to work again (just love working with the team) in future.Thanks again JoJo for having me and I wish you the brightest star in the galaxy in your future endeavour 🙂
    Feedback left by Workawayer (SEANG NEE)
  • We had a fantastic month with Jojo and Many! They are both so kind, fun and generous. The work was very reasonable, mostly cleaning in the morning and socialising with guests in the evening. The hostel is very well set up and extremely comfortable (especially the beds!) it felt like home. The hostel attracts lovely guests, a mix offoreigners and locals and it was easy to interact with everybody. Hualien and the surroundings are very picturesque, with lots of hiking and cycling etc to do. The shifts and days off mean you have lots of time to explore. Workawayers generally alternate between morning and evening shifts, though as a couple we tended to do the shifts together which we really enjoyed. This was our first Workaway experience and we cannot recommend it highly enough Thank you so much for an amazing experience Jojo and Many! We will see you again soon!
    Feedback left by Workawayer (Sam & Najma)
  • My stay in Hualien and this Hostel was one of the best and most memorable so far during my 10 months traveling. Jojo is a very kind and inspiring person. She has created a wonderful atmosphere for her guests and for the helpers the work is very fare and organized. Shifts are scheduled and you have lots of free time to enjoy sightseeing. Many her full time staff is so lovely and always happy and ready to help. I really felt part of a family and hope I can return again!
    Feedback left by Workawayer (Deborah)
  • Thank you JoJo for hosting me! I had a really nice time at this Hostel! The schedules are clearly posted, and the off days are given well in advance, allowing to plan day trips easily. The work is straight-forward, and there is both a morning shift (cleaning) and afternoon shift (taking out trash, filling the cat food bowl, checking in guests). JoJo and Many are very welcoming and sweet. JoJo has many friends in the area and can often get you discounted prices for doing tours and activities, which is great as I was on a rather tight budget. I had a great time here! The Hostel, as the name suggests, is very comfortable. Slept very well here. Hualien and it's surroundings are lovely 🙂
    Feedback left by Workawayer (Charlie)
  • This was my first workaway and it was great !! i had good time here with jo jo and the boys ... The hostel is very cozy and it makes you feel like you're at home .. Plus hualien is a very cool town itself ... I hope i'll find others workaway as cool as this ! Thank you jo jo see you soon !! ❤️
    Feedback left by Workawayer (marco)
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