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About Hualien

The word Hualien is derived from the word Hokkien
(Taiwanese) and the story goes that Qing-dynasty
immigrants gave the region this name after
noticing the swirling waters off the coast.

  • About Comfy Hostel

    Comfortable public lobby x Relaxing bedroom design
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  • Meaning of Traveling

    In the journey called life, everyone gets tired of departing a place, driving through the middle of nowhere and, finally, ending up somewhere, again. We start in schools and end up in offices, we leave our parents to build our own families, and leave an ex for someone who represents everything that ex was against. Let’s try to live the journey of life without a destination. Let’s make this one time journey as lively as possible. We should feel the flow of the breeze and hear the whisper of nature. Let’s leave our daily burdens, old habits and sad memories and stop thinking of the things that are not in our hands. Life is certainly more than what we are capable of imagining.
  • Seasons in Hualien:

    Spring: Nepenthes plants in front of farm house give way to a cool breeze and a refreshing peace of mind. In the morning, stand on top of a cliff and have a pleasant view of wavy, mountainous roads. At night, you can hear the gushing river and see a bright galaxy of stars, while lying on the fine sands.

    Summer: Can you believe it? The seas have a breath. Witness the Pacific Ocean and relieve all your stresses. Feel the breath of your soul from the ocean winds. Feel it sweep along your skin in an invisible ocean of exultation.

    Autumn: After crossing some wavy roads, you can witness a fantastic view of the entire sea accented by thousands of yellow flowers. Have a cool view of the dry daylily harvesting in front of the farmhouses. A slight autumn chill wanders through the golden carpet. In the morning, stand at the peak and take in the entire view of the mountainous landscape. The sunshine leaks from clouds and fogs. Hualien is a masterpiece from all angles in this tranquil, worry-free valley.

    Winter: The cool winter parts leaves from the trees, entering the flowing rivers. A steady run of raindrops creates shimmering lights in the perfectly clear, green lakes. The light, gentle fog kisses the mountains with a panoramic view. The green grasses transform into a bed of silvery droplets with a shine as if pearls sparkling under the golden sun.

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Hualien – Taiwan’s Backyard Garden, with lush-green mountains and turquoise-blue coastlines, reachable in 30 minutes’ walk. Its beauty is difficult to find words to describe; you can only witness it with your own eyes.

Thanks to Marcin Zabinski Filmmaking for willing to share it with us.

Places visited in this video (not in order)
Taiwan Hualien, East Coast of Taiwan (Baqi Gazebo)
Toroko National Park (Zhuilu Old Trail, Swallo Grotto, Wenshan Hot Spring, Qingshui Cliff)

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